The Troll Security Service (TSS) is a fictional service in the film The Troll Hunter. The service works on the basis of keeping Troll's a secret, and protecting civillian areas

Methods of Troll Control:Edit

The TSS' primary service is keeping Troll's away from populated areas. They do this by looking for signs of Troll activity in news and other forms of media and then go to that location. Should it be a Troll that has breached its territory then it is the Troll Hunter's job to kill the Troll(s).

Killing a Troll:Edit

Killing a Troll is the only method of Troll Control utilised. By exposing the Troll to a large dosage of UV light, the Troll's inability to convert Vitamin D will cause, the Troll will either explode, if it is young, or turn to stone, if it was older. This causes inexplicable pain for the Troll.


A Troll Hunter is left to make his own equipment for his job. There is however some basic equipment they all have. They all have to have 'concentrated Troll Stench' made of all the bad stuff you can get from a Troll. They also all carry a 'flash gun' which sends out shots of light capable of killing an average size Troll. The only troll hunter seen in the movie and the only active troll hunter in Norway was Hans. It is unknown if there are others outside of Norway, or that are inactive